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The Transfiguration of President Brigham Young on August 8th 1844

Brigham and Joseph Transfiguration


We need to remember when considering the 1844 Succession Crisis, that only the initiates knew of the HOLY ORDER and KINGDOM of GOD or COUNCIL of FIFTY. So by and large, for the average member of the Church, the Succession Crisis was about who would replace the Prophet as PRESIDENT of the CHURCH, and not about the next PATRIARCH, PRIEST and KING over the KINGDOM of GOD. And yet this notwithstanding, there is not to be found in the record, so much as one speech that was given, that discussed SUCCESSION in the PRIESTHOOD from the PERSPECTIVE of the 107TH SECTION of the Doctrine and Covenants. Of course we know why this was so, because the initiates were talking about something else — something that the General members of the Church knew nothing of…